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Featured here is a silk white straight top bodice in brocade, the 15 pieces of bone in the bodice are sewn in pockets near the surface of the garment so the stitching can be seen.
Photo by unknown
Nocturne Design This halter bodies in ivory brocade has it 15 pieces of bone sewn in a shell close to the models body, this called hidden boning. The ivory satin skirt have evenly spaced double box pleats.
Photo by unknown
  • The Nocturne Design shop has bridal wear with many fabrics and colours to choose from, select a wedding dress off the rack, or have made to order for any size or fit.
  • Many garments in the range are bodice and skirt combinations that can mix and match, to find the best look for the bride to be.
  • Nocturne design wedding dresses can be made in many fabrics. i.e. Lace, satin, delustered satin, brocades, chiffon, georgette, organza to mention a few.
  • Bridal dresses can be adorned with many trims and finishes. i.e. Lace overlay, glass crystals, brocade paneling, glass and pearl beading, diamontie crystals and more.
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